From Classical to Rock to Punk, the music you need to hear for whatever mood you are in.

gramps.doc is based in Los Angeles CA, and was born of my need to expand my styles of writing music. I play, record and produce everything I release.

gramps.doc is a blend of the two nicknames I have had. They guys in Society Gone Madd! gave me the nickname gramps. When I was in the Air Force I initialed the shift change sheet dr and they started calling me doc. So with everything now dot this and dot that, I decided on gramps.doc.

I began playing guitar in 1977 and took lessons for a few months and then taught myself by listening to records and trying to play the songs on them. While in the Air Force in the early 80's I was in a band called Stripes and we mainly did covers with a few of our own original songs. After that I changed locations and was in a metal band called Nexxt for a year or so. Then I came out west and in the late 80's to late 90's was in a band called Society Gone Madd! During that time I was also in the bands Three Women in Black and Man Can't Live.

Around the turn of the century I had my second child and my family needed me and I was done with band life so I hung up playing guitar. After a few years I got the itch to learn the piano and also broaden my composing to include Classical music so I got a digital piano and slowly began my present endeavor. As my children neared the teen years and needed me a little less I had the time and the drive to finish the 14 songs on my Helium Light Bands CD.