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Around the turn of the century I had my second child and my family needed me and I was done with about 20 years of band life and daily work life, so I hung up playing guitar. After a few years I got the itch to learn the piano and also broaden my composing to include Classical and other styles of music so I got a digital piano and slowly began getting back to writing music. As my children neared the teen years and needed me a little less, I had the time and the drive to finish the 14 songs on my Helium Light Bands CD. So I needed a name. gramps.doc was a blend of the two nicknames I have had. They guys in Society Gone Madd! gave me the nickname gramps. When I was in the Air Force I initialed the shift change sheet dr and they started calling me doc. So with the beginning of the internet age, everything was dot this and dot that, I decided on gramps.doc. Now it doesn't seem to work at least for me so now all new non punk material will be released as Today's Nightmare. Be sure to check out my punk music under This Side of Anarchy.