From Classical to Rock to Punk, the music you need to hear for whatever mood you are in.

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  1. Gotta Change your tude
  2. 12 String & Wind Sonata
  3. Screens Screens Everywhere
  4. Driving Along the Beach
  5. It's All About the Money
  6. Synthesizer Sonata
  7. So Beautiful
  8. A Beautiful Wedding Song
  9. Slave of the State
  10. Variations on Gnossienne No. 1
  11. Little Samaritan
  12. Helium Light Bands
  13. Don't Know Why
  14. Peaceful Confusion
Review from RadioIndy

The talents of gramps.doc are innovating as the recently released album, “Helium Light Bands,” explores interesting compositions of Classical, Rock, and Punk genres. This CD discovers musical freedom as the variety of songs proves to be captivating and melodic. Starting off the CD, “Gotta Change Your Tude,” is Punk music at its best as the gritty vocals spin around the crunchy guitar riffs. Changing over to the Classical music side, “Synthetizer Sonata,” is a modern twist of Mozart like styling as the synth sounds play with intense precision. A fury of guitar hooks and edgy vocals rock the beat on the track, “Slave of the State.” “If you enjoy a varied mix of music that verge on Rock styling, then you will enjoy the cutting edge songs on, “Helium Light Bands.”